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Snuffle Mat | Ready to Ship

(3 customer reviews)


Every dog needs a snuffle mat. It is the original enrichment toy. Snuffle mats encourage calm, reduce barking, and manage arousal. Ditch the food bowl and have your dog forage through these dense pieces of fleece for their meal. It works their noses and their brains.


Snuffle Mat

Meal times can be so much more fun than gulping from a bowl!

This fun, no-human-needed enrichment tool provides your dog with an appropriate energy outlet to calmly engage their nose and brain. Sprinkle any kibble, dry, or semi-moist dog treats into your snuffle mat and watch your dog forage through the fleece to find each piece.


Do you find it hard to settle your dog between turns in class, when waiting around at trials, or while you have guests over? Add a snuffle mat to your dog’s regular enrichment routine so that bringing it out when your dog is highly aroused becomes a cue to relax and self-soothe.

Do you have a puzzle toy superstar? Advance the difficulty of the game by teaching your pup to go find a snuffle mat you’ve hidden in the house, then watch them independently problem solve how to get to sniff out their dinner.

How about a physical and a mental challenge for the ultimate multitasking? Place your snuffle mat on an elevated bed or an uneven wobble board. Then stand back and see them use their muscles to hold them in new positions while they snuffle.

Our favourite part of snuffle time is getting some chores done!


Choosing the right size snuffle mat


Small snuffle mats measure 6 inches by 6 inches (1/2 foot by 1/2 foot). 

They will contain a small number of treats, making them ideal for little dogs or puppies. For working precision behaviours in obedience and agility, the small size allows for precision lines and short transition times between repetitions.


Medium snuffle mats measure 12 inches by 6 inches (1 foot by 1/2 foot). 

They are large enough to contain a handful of treats, and are an ideal size for taking to class. They fit nicely in your gear bag yet aren’t too large to become cumbersome when travelling.


Large snuffle mats measure 12 inches by 12 inches (1 foot by 1 foot). 

They are large enough to contain a full meal and are the preferred size for avid users and multi-dog households. This size also provides you with the most versatility for different home and sports uses.

Care & Cleaning | Washable Snuffle Mat

We insist that all of our products be easy to take care of, and the snuffle mat is no exception. Machine wash your snuffle mat in cold water, and hang to dry. Refrain from machine drying. 

Slip Leash Reviews

Our tough, heavy snuffle mats have been a bestselling item since Snuffles & Tugs opened. 

Check out the reviews from our pack members. People rave about the heavy mat base that doesn’t slip or slide.

Already own one? We’d love for you to share your honest review. Navigate to the “Review” tab above and let us know what you think.

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(3 customer reviews)

How it’s Made | Snuffle Mat

Brie and the Team have selected color compliments and tied them into snuffle mat designs that are customer favorites. 

If you prefer to design your own snuffle mat with custom colors just for your dog, see our made to order snuffle mat

Questions about a snuffle mat for dogs?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have. Contact us here and we will get back to you.

Additional information

Weight 970 g
Dimensions 50 × 50 × 5 cm
Mat Size

Large 12 x 12", Medium 12 x 6", Small 6 x 6"

Toy Color

All Purple, blue, purple, white, Cotton Candy, Galaxy, Ocean Blues, Rainbow, random stripes, Springtime, Unicorn, Yellow, orange, red, blue, Yellow, pink, lime

3 reviews for Snuffle Mat | Ready to Ship

  1. Kim

    Love the custom snuffle mats! I own a dog training company and these are an essential part of every puppy class!

    • Brie

      Thank you so much Kim! I am so pleased to have the opportunity to supply Beyond the Leash with snuffle mats for your dog training clients. Always a pleasure working with you!

  2. Chester and Thia (verified owner)

    Beautiful , well made and rescue dog( and new dog parent) approved! Slows down eating..and great activity for using that nose!

  3. Melena

    Trexie absolutely loves her snuffle mat. She gets all her meals on it. We have had this product for 2 years now and still in great condition with excessive use. 5 star for quality and durability for this product. My dog loves it

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