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Sheepskin Long & Short Gift Set

Calling all sheep lovers! These staple sheepskin toys have you covered for developing chase drive in all training scenarios. Save 10% when you bundle long and short.

the Wooly - sheepskin dog toys

Sheepskin Dog Tug Toys

It's really wooly. This delightful toy is made from super shaggy extra wooly sheepskin. Made from non-dyed and non-toxic hides, this staple tug toy will be your dog's favorite tug for any occasion. As you move, the wooly shearling on this tug will dance for your dog, turning even the shyest dog onto the bite bar.

One of the best perks to sheepskin is it's durability compared to other real fur tugs. The Wooly is the perfect tug toy to provide motivation for your dog while giving you months of regular use.

7" medium-resistance bungee, bite area 9", total length 24"

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the Thriller - Long Lure Dog Toy

Thrill your dog with a game of chase. This lure length toy is the perfect partner for running recalls.

Midi (medium dog) design: 8" medium-strength bungee, Bite bar 10". Total length 4.5  ft.

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the Wooly - sheepskin dog toys

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All Blue, All Purple, Blue & Purple, Pink & Black, Pink & Purple, White & Purple

the Thriller - Long Lure Dog Toy

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