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Rabbit Pelt – rabbit hide for dogs

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Rabbit hide for dogs

Sometimes you just have to bust out the whole hog- or in this case – bunny! For dogs who really need convincing that tugging is amazing, this is our holy grail. Use the pelt as a tug alone, or tie to a bungee handle for some extra length. You’ll be building up your dog’s toy skills in no time! Our rabbit is tanned with ammonium alum, which is a safe tanning method for use with dogs. These rabbit hides are soft and pliable, so they’ll stuff in your pocket easily. When you want to reward your dog, pull it out of your pocket and roll it up into a bite bar, or dangle it loosely on the ground for the ultimate prey engagement.

Teyla’s pick! Does your dog go through water bottles quickly when training with their Bottle Cruncher? Shop dog Teyla loves a rabbit pelt in her bottle cruncher – and Brie loves not worrying about an endless supply of water bottles for her training sessions. 😉

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2 reviews for Rabbit Pelt – rabbit hide for dogs

  1. Kaitlin Fraser

    My dogs love them, currently playing can’t catch me with one haha

  2. Malka Australian Shepherd’s (verified owner)

    I love these for young puppies, I use them for a different texture when doing surfaces with puppies

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