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Personalized Lure Coursing Leash – coursing lead

(6 customer reviews)


A classy customized lure coursing lead like you’ve never seen before. The collar is crisply embroidered on strong webbing and backed with cozy fleece. This collar is comfortable on sighthounds with even the most delicate skin. The leash crumples into your hand easily, so you won’t be left with rope burn after getting your dog off the start line. Available in 1″ and 1.5″ wide collars so all breeds and mixes can step to the start line in style.

Sizing: Measure behind your dog’s ears, and subtract 1″. *Always size down, do not add “wiggle room”.



Coursing Lead


Your fingers are going to love this. No more awkward collar grabs on squirming dogs while you wait for the lure to be reset.

Our coursing lead will keep you and your bunny chaser confident and comfortable on the start line. 

Welcome to your personalized coursing lead.

How do you use a lure coursing slip lead?

A coursing lead is intended only to be used for lure coursing or chase ability events. On the start line, you thread the leash through the collar D rings to gain effective control of your dog as they struggle to break free and run after the lure. When you release one hand from the leash, your dog is instantaneously naked and free to power down the course after the lure.

Building your Lead

Coursing leads thread the best when the collar is 1.5″ wide, because the D rings have more space inside them to maneuver the leash. For this reason, we do not recommend selecting a 1″ collar unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you are looking for a non-customized coursing lead or would prefer to get a lead on short notice, check out our Ready to Ship coursing leashes.

Slip Collar Embroidery

The collar of your slip lead is personalized with embroidery. Up to 10 embroidery text characters (including spaces) are included with your purchase. You can choose the color and font for the ultimate control in designing your perfect leash. Alternatively, if you’d like to leave that to the expert, just select “Brie’s choice” and Brie will choose on your behalf. 

Need some extra flare? You can add our signature embroidery symbols to your new quick release lead.


About lure coursing

Lure coursing was originally developed to demonstrate the historical work of sighthounds. However, its new sister sports are intended for all breeds of dogs to enjoy the thrill of chasing prey.  In the AKC and CKC, the new sports of Chase Ability Tests (CAT), Fast CAT, and Sprinter are providing the ultimate opportunity for all breeds of dog to demonstrate their prey drive!

Release Slip Reviews

Our personalized coursing lead has consistently been our bestselling lure coursing leash. The symmetrical double-D-ring design makes it suitable for both right and left-handed releasers. The design also makes it possible to use with a one-handed thread or a two-handed thread, according to your preference.

Check out the reviews from our pack members. The personalized touches makes it the first choice of our competitors participating in chase ability and lure coursing sports.

Already own one? We’d love for you to share your honest review. Navigate to the “Review” tab above and let us know what you think.

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These reviews from the Snuffles & Tugs Pack will help you decide if this slip leash is right for you and your coursing dog.

(6 customer reviews)


Collar Measuring

 Measure your hound’s neck under the chin and behind the ears. This is the smallest part of their neck. Order the size that is 1 Inch smaller than this neck measurement. If your dog measures between sizes, size down. Choose a 1.5″ wide collar webbing for optimal threading. 1″ wide collars should only be chosen where absolutely necessary when the dog has a very short neck.


Processing times | Coursing Leads for Sighthounds

Handcrafting your personalized coursing slip takes time. In order to get each detail right on your lead, Brie typically takes 2 to 3 weeks to complete and ship custom orders. However, processing times do vary by the time of year and number of orders that Brie is working on. Double check the current processing time in the store banner. If you are on a deadline, we suggest that you rush your order. Rush service will have your order skip the processing queue.

When you place an order for a lure coursing leash, please check your email regularly. Brie will keep you posted on her progress as she creates your quick release leash.

Coursing Leashes are Quality Guaranteed

Brie will construct your coursing lead from scratch when you order, according to your color choices and embroidery specifications.

Brie uses carefully picked materials to create a coursing lead that is long lasting and stylish. Quality is priority! 

Questions about leads for chase ability tests or lure coursing?

Brie and the Team would be happy to help with anything you need. Contact us here.

Additional information

Collar Size

06 Inch, 07 Inch, 08 Inch, 09 Inch, 10 Inch, 11 Inch, 12 Inch, 13 Inch, 14 Inch, 15 Inch, 16 Inch, 17 Inch, 18 Inch, 19 Inch, 20 Inch, 21 Inch, 22 Inch, 23 Inch, 24 Inch

Webbing Color

Black, Purple, Red, Royal Blue

Fleece Color 1

Brie's Choice, Lavender, Sky Blue, Black, Gold, Gray, Kelly Green, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, White, Yellow

Embroidery Color

White, Turquoise, Black, Gray, Kelly Green, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Yellow

Embroidery Font

1. Arial, 3. Blossom, 4. Wyatt, 5. George, 6. Stencil*, 7. Comedy*, Brie's Choice

Collar Width

1 Inch, 1.5 Inch

6 reviews for Personalized Lure Coursing Leash – coursing lead

  1. Tiffany

    Great quality, fits perfectly and looks fabulous! I think I will be getting a lot of use out of it!
    I love that the lead is easy to hold without being hard on my hands.

    • Brie

      Thank you for your thoughts Tiffany. Glad that you like the fleece lining on the handle; I look forward to hearing more about how the fleece lining on the handle is working out for folks!

  2. Marissa Hall (verified owner)

    My leash is beautiful, functional and exactly what I was looking for!

    The embroidery is amazing and the functionality is great. I am excited to get to use this bad boy at some lure events!

    • Brie

      I’m so glad you love it Marissa! Luke is now totally outfitted with his agility leash, Fast CAT leash and monster motivator! Can’t wait to follow your successes <3

  3. Tracy (verified owner)

    I love my Fast Cat leash. The colors are awesome and exactly what I ordered! I live in Alaska & very few places will ship here and yours arrived way ahead of schedule! So thanks so much. Your customer service is phenomenal!!

    • Brie

      WOW! Thank you so much Tracy, so happy to hear. I have always shipped to Alaska and have never had any complaints about postage 🙂 When your order came in, I was ahead of schedule on my purple orders so it was a treat to be able to get this shipped out early for you. Aspen is totally decked out now with her agility leash and and her matching Fast CAT leash!

  4. Melinda Invergo (verified owner)

    I’ve used my coursing leash for 4 trials now and it makes the release so effortless. My 11lbs dog is able to push through the leash with ease. I find that having this leash on while waiting for our run is more comfortable for my dog vs anything else. Plus you spend less time fumbling around trying to get it off like you would with a traditional leash. S & T was able to customize mine with the colors I wanted and even the phrase we use for every run. Absolutely love it!

  5. Ashley S (verified owner)

    The Fast Cat leash worked great! Much easier than trying to hold a very excited Aussie at the start line with your hands. With a little practice Raven was zooming off the start line.

  6. Vera R (verified owner)

    Just received my customized slip lead for my boy to use at FastCAT trials. Colors are perfect, love the soft lining inside the collar and I am sure he will get just as much attention for his handsome lead as he gets people watching him fly during his runs !

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