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the Dazzler

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Long and fun, the Dazzler is a long lure-style toy with soft enticing fur and bouncy fleece for the ultimate speed-building.

Maxi (large dog) design: 9″  bite area, 8″ medium-resistance bungee, 8″ mop, total length 4.5′

Additional information

Weight 125 g
Dimensions N/A
Toy Color

Blue & Orange, Mystic, Navy Sheepskin, Rabbit Rainbow, Sheepskin, Signature

1 review for the Dazzler

  1. madhad9413 (verified owner)

    The Dazzler is a MUST have around this house. It was the first tug my extremely picky female obsessed over, and honestly changed our whole dynamic. She is PYSCHO for these tugs, I swear she will rip out mine or our instructors arm. And now my male is finding out how awesome the dazzler truly is!

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