• Faux Fur Egg
  • Sheepskin ring
  • Rabbit Loop (Tidal)

Limited Edition Products

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New year, new gear limited edition sale live at 7 pm Eastern January 6th.


Limited Edition Gear Information

Welcome to our limited edition sales at Snuffles & Tugs! During these sales, we bring you gear that we’ve designed in house or collaborated with YOU to bring to life! 

The brainstorming happens in our Facebook group, Agility Toys & Leashes by Snuffles & Tugs. Click here to join in so we can bring your next toy idea to life!

Read on below for the technical specs of the products in our upcoming limited edition sale.

Slip Leash Sizing Guide

Collar Measuring

Grab a measuring tape, and gently pull it snug around your dog’s neck. Do not place any more than one finger between your dog’s neck and measuring tape. If the measurement reads between sizes, size down. Do not size up or add “wiggle room.” The collar must be the exact size of your dog’s neck in order for it to tighten snugly. At trials in particular, consider how stressed your dog will be. It’s very important to size down so your dog can’t back out of their slip leash! Visit Brie’s slip leash sizing guide for more information on measuring your dog.

Leash Length

Each slip leash is approximately 5 ft long. This is measured from the base of the collar (including the slip section) to the end of the leash handle. The slip section is what opens up to allow you to pull the collar over the dog’s head easily. 

Additional information

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Limited Edition Item

Adjustable Slip Leash, Braided rabbit tug, Chuck It Chaser Mop, Cotton Candy Compact, Faux Fur Egg, L Cotton Candy Braid, Lime Faux Fur Egg, Martingale Collar, Microfibre Egg, Microfibre Loop, Monster, Mystical Rabbit Crackle, Pink/Purple Tribble, Rabbit Egg, Rabbit Loop, Rabbit Ring, Raspberry Bunny Tug, Royal Blue Faux Fur Egg, S Cotton Candy Braid, Sheepskin Egg, Sheepskin Ring, Tidal Octopus, Tidal Slip Leash

3 reviews for Limited Edition Products

  1. Angela (verified owner)

    My dog and her bff are both loving their bait pouches! Immediate interest!!

  2. Debbie (verified owner)

    Another favorite tug & chase toy. My puppy loves it!

  3. Jensen (verified owner)

    As with every piece of snuffles and tugs gear i own, my dog loved it immediately and it very quickly becomes the favorite agility reward toy. he loves the microfiber tug and I love that these microfiber tugs hold up way better then any other similar mop style tug i’ve tried. I also thank the team for listening to suggestions and making a set of toys without bungees for us select few who prefer our toys without them.

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