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Maxi Happy Tail – Agility Toy

(5 customer reviews)


Agility Toys for Border Collies

We’re thinking of those pressure sensitive souls.

Maxi (large dog) design: 16″ bite area, 10″ high-resistance bungee, total length 4 ft.

Black Friday Special! Buy any 2 tugs, get the third toy free! *Discount applied in cart. Cannot be combined with any other offer.


Tug Toy for Agility

River is a hard girl to please. She’s pressure sensitive to her handler, Brie. She is also quite serious and hard to loosen up for some silly play.

So, when she graces us with her blessing, we know we have a winning toy!

Welcome to our new favorite agility toy.

Saving Fingers

Coming back to training after lockdown takes some time. Your dog’s bite has likely gotten weaker and your timing on cues needs to be tweaked! Don’t worry about accurate toy presentation or bite strength – this toy will crumple in your hand, be visible on the ground, and save your fingers from any teeth mishaps.

Becoming Prey

The long 16″ furry area on this toy is perfect for dogs who are pressure sensitive. It provides movement and takes away the focus required to put teeth on a small area. Your dog can grab and go!

Agility Toy Reviews

This is the shop and staff dog favorite from the Summer 2020 Collection. 

We can’t wait to hear what you think!

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(5 customer reviews)

How it’s Made | Made in Canada

Brie hand-makes all of our toys in Nova Scotia. She uses highly specialized sewing machines and marine-grade products to construct durable dog toys. 

Maxi Toys are guaranteed! We guarantee all maxi toys against construction defects at the time of manufacturing. Wear and tear is normal and will happen over time. But remember, tug toys are not chew toys. Leaving your dog unattended with a toy will likely result in chewing damage.  

Questions about a dog training toy?

Brie and the Team would be pleased to assist you with anything you need. Contact us here for a speedy response.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 3 cm
Fur Color

Baby Pink, Faux Mink, Faux Sheepskin, Orange and Blue, Orange with Black Flecks, Purple, Natural, Red

5 reviews for Maxi Happy Tail – Agility Toy

  1. Jenna (verified owner)

    Great toy for my BC girl. One of her favourites, and it holds up to tugging very well. I also love that it’s long enough to drag and bounce around like a cat toy to get her attention if she starts to get distracted.

  2. Mea

    I recently received this product and I’m in love with it! Both my dogs were immediately attracted to it, and enjoyed playing with it. The quality of this product is outstanding and would make the perfect puppy toy! I highly recommend this toy to everyone.

  3. Kimber

    This toy is a lifesaver when I’m in a flare. No need to bend over to play with those small dogs/puppies…a real back saver! Well made and very enticing for every dog so far!

  4. Cindra (verified owner)

    We love our Happy Tail Agility Toy! It comes in handy at training and at trials to give the dogs a quick play break! It’s easy to pack in a training bag and it brings lots of fun to both dogs and humans!

  5. Jenna (verified owner)

    My boy LOVES this toy. And the bungee makes it so much easier to hold onto. The length is especially great so I don’t need to bend over to use it! Love it!

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