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Braided Bungee Tug – Flyball Tug

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A super-charged flyball-style tug for maximum comfort as your dog grabs their toy!

With a super high density bungee, two strips of fur and fleece, this toy is sure to please dogs and handlers alike!

Maxi (large dog) design: 1” webbing, 3 ft long. l0” high-resistance bungee, 24″ bite area.



About our bestselling flyball tug toy

Oh, running recalls.

Everyone loves a good running recall, but it is so hard to get your dog onto the toy! Your dog is running fast, your fingers are flinching, and your feet and head are very focused on looking in two different directions at the same time (without tripping or falling).

We know the plight. You need a toy that:

  • Can fold in your hand and drop when you’re ready to show the lure/reward to to your dog
  • Is long enough that your dog can latch on, but not so long that you could both trip over it
  • Is shock absorbing, to stop either of you from experiencing a whiplash effect
  • Is substantial enough to last against puppies and flyball practice

You’ll love this flyball tug.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 4 cm
Toy Color

Cotton Candy, Galaxy, Unicorn

2 reviews for Braided Bungee Tug – Flyball Tug

  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    I bought the “gobble gobble” braided tug in the limited Facebook sale. My Pumi loves it! And not just that, she loves all her Snuffles and Tugs toys and leashes. It is clear that Brie makes all of her products with puppy love! Thanks Brie!

  2. Steve M Teer

    Our new unicorn tug arrived yesterday and it is so well made! The colors are fantastic and it is totally holding up to my 2 Aussie tug demons! The only negative thing I could possibly say is that I should have ordered 2!

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