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The Fiesta – dog sport toys

(2 customer reviews)


Dog Sport Toys

Fiesta! Turn your heeling exercises into a party. This little toy with big personality has everything you need for the ultimate celebration during rally class!

Small dog or puppy design: 1″ webbing, 8″ medium-resistance bungee, 7″ bite bar, 7″ mop, total length 27″



Sport dog toys for foundation training


Looking for the best toys for an 8 week old puppy?


Not many tug toys will grow with a pup from the day they come home, but the Fiesta makes it look easy.

Puppy Mop Toy

The fleece strips will dance in the wind, catching the attention of a baby puppy. Little puppy will chase and tug on the fleece strips that make up the mop on the end of the Fiesta.

Interactive Puppy Toy

As pup gets bigger and loses that fresh baby puppy smell, they’ll be able to get their tiny mouths around the bite bar. Now, you have two exciting toys in one compact package!

As your sweet baby turns into a sharky teenager, you’ll enjoy the shock absorption of the medium-resistance bungee and distance of the bite surfaces from your hands.


Midi Dog Design

We understand that different size and personality dogs have different needs in their toys. This puppy mop toy is ideal for baby puppies, small or medium sized dogs, and in particular dogs who struggle with speed and motivation. If you have a large dog who is hard on their toys, check out our thicker maxi designed Audrey III mop toy.

Dog sport toys 


The Fiesta is a new toy (circa 2020) to Snuffles & Tugs and gets snatched out of stock on a regular basis! 

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(2 customer reviews)

How our dog toys are made

Brie hand-makes all of our toys in Nova Scotia. She uses highly specialized sewing machines and marine-grade products to construct durable dog toys. 

Tug Toys are Quality Guaranteed

We guarantee toys against construction defects at the time of manufacturing. Wear and tear is normal and will happen over time. But remember, tug toys are not chew toys. Leaving your dog unattended with a toy will likely result in chewing damage.  Never leave your dog unattended with any toy.

Questions about sports dog tug toys?

Brie and the Team would be pleased to assist you with anything you need. Contact us here for a speedy response.

Additional information

Weight 150 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 4 cm
Toy Color

All Blue, All Orange, All Purple, Cotton Candy, Rainbow, Sheepskin

2 reviews for The Fiesta – dog sport toys

  1. Kimber (verified owner)

    This toy is well loved by both my puppy and small terrier. Both can get a good grip onto the toy (which means my terrier doesn’t alligator snap up the handle to my poor hand) and despite wanting to murder it, it is holding up great….just a little spit covered.
    Got the green on green colour and it’s so pretty in person!

  2. rebecca wells (verified owner)

    My dog loves soft toys and the bungee makes it extra fun for him!! Thanks for making such a durable yet soft product!!

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