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Non-medical Face Mask


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Community Masks for Dog Lovers

Heading back to trials?

Great to hear! So is the Snuffles & Tugs team. We heard that in a lot of places, trials are starting to go ahead. Also, a lot of trials and dog events are requiring handlers to wear face masks while at the venue. Mask requirements, as well as social distancing measures, will no doubt keep the humans safer while enjoying the thrill of being back in the ring.

So, of course, being the sewing lovers that we are, we had to make our own masks.

Since so many of you asked, we are happy to have made masks for you too.

Non-medical face masks

Brie and the team are so happy to contribute to a safe trialling experience for you and your dogs. 

Our masks have been made with two layers of cotton and gentle elastic that is comfortable on your skin. We offer several sizes to fit all the humans in your family.

Each completed mask has been steam ironed with high heat before sending to you.

Buy more, save more

Community masks become contaminated after one period of wear. That means it’s important to change your mask each time you don one (aka put one on).

To help you protect your health and the health of your fellow competitors at trial, we are pleased to offer you savings for each mask you purchase. 

If you are ordering on behalf of a club or business and require more than 40 masks, please contact us for a quote.

Choose the right size face mask

Adult Small

For adults and teenagers with smaller facial features. If you have a finer-boned structure such as narrow cheekbones and a less prominent nose and chin, this is the size for you. Mask measures 8″ across, opens to 6″ from nose to chin, and has 6″ elastic loops. This is the size Brie and Carrie wear. 

Adult Large

For adults and teenagers with larger facial features. If you have a prominent nose and a deep chin, this is the size for you. Measures 9″ across, opens to 7″ from nose to chin, and has 7″ elastic loops. 

Junior Handler

For school-aged children. Measures 6″ across, opens to 5″ from nose to chin, and has 6″ elastic loops.

Stay informed – use your mask properly

We trust Health Canada and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) to provide credible health information and education. 

Click here to learn how to safely put on, take off, and wear a community mask.

Can I wash my masks?

Yes, our masks are made from 100% cotton and elastic. Machine wash in hot water and machine dry. Your mask has already been pre-shrunk when it arrives to you.

Additional information

Weight 20 g
Dimensions N/A
Mask Size

Adult Large, Adult Small, Junior Handler

Mask Pattern

Bones, Cherries, Cherries & Strawberries, Clouds, Dog Bones, Dogs & Bones, Dogs & Bunnies, Dogs & Tie Dyed, Dogs & Wine, Pink & Purple Chevrons, Pink Chevron, Poetry, Poetry & Bones, Purple & Blue, Purple & Green Chevrons, Purple Chevrons, Squirrels, Strawberries, Tennis Ball & Bones, Tennis Balls, Tennis Balls & Yellow Chevrons, Tie Dyed & Dogs, Tie Dyed & Tennis Balls, Wine & Cherries, Wine & Strawberries, Yellow & Pink Chevrons, Yellow & Purple Chevrons, Yellow Chevron, Zig Zag, Zig Zag & Pink Chevron, Zig Zag & Purple Chevron, Zig Zag 1, Zig Zag 2


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