Do Not Pet Harness Patches


A pair (2 identical labels) of DO NOT PET harness labels for your Julius, Brilliant K9 or other brand of hook and loop webbing harness.

Not all harness patches are created equally! Unlike most patches which are made from cotton fabric stitched onto velco, our embroidery is done on top of durable polypro webbing. Embroidery will not tear, crack or peel like vinyl harness tags. Quality is our priority!



Choose the perfect size

Choose one of these two ways to determine the right size.

Preferred: See your harness manufacturer’s website to determine the correct patch size. Our patch sizes are based on the Julius K9 harness size guide. 

Alternative:  Measure the length and height of the velcro-loop area on your dog’s harness. If the length of the velcro varies on each side, choose according to the smaller side. Do not order a longer or wider patch than the exact area of loop on the harness. Patches that are too large will experience excessive wear from dirt and debris that become trapped in the exposed edges of the hook webbing.

If ordering as a GIFT: We require the harness brand size and model name, or the exact measurements of the velco area on the actual harness. Please sneakily gather this information for us.


Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 30 × 20 × 2 cm

Large 6.25" x 2", Medium 5" x 1.5", Small: 4.25" x 1"


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