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Personalize your gear even further! If your dog has a signature look, Brie can create a custom embroidery pattern from scratch just for your dog!

Below, describe what you’re looking for and Brie will handle the rest!


What would I get designed?

There are a few common reasons that you might need a custom embroidery pattern made from scratch.

National Flag

If you’ve made a national team and will be representing your country, congratulations! We will happily digitize a legible version of your flag to be stitched on the desired area of your collar/leash/slip leash. 

Dash got one of our most popular martingale leashes after making the JOAWC 2020 Team.

Your dog has a thematic name

Eiger’s collar and clip leash wouldn’t have been the same without mountains on it. Dogs who are named after specific characters and themes can pay homage to their namesake with custom additions to their gear. 


Sports Clubs and Dog Businesses

We love partnering with other businesses and clubs to bring you fun trial prizes, volunteer gifts and other goodies. We are pleased to digitize your logo once, and keep it on file for all of your future orders. There will be no need to have your logo digitized again unless updates to the design have occurred. Please note that due to copyright, we are unable to provide you with copies of the embroidery files. However, Brie will be happy to keep them handy, so when it’s time to reorder they will be ready to go.

We respect intellectual property

If your dog’s name or theme is related to copyrighted or trademarked designs, we will not be able to use those elements in the design of your gear. 

Here is an example of a copyright. Your dog is named after a Disney character. You are looking for a slip leash with a custom symbol of the character’s face. We cannot honor that request, but we will happy suggest alternative options that will look outstanding on your dog!

Other Custom Embroidery Options

Brie has lots of in-stock embroidery symbols that everyone loves. These are things like a heart, paw print, skull and crossbones, or a lightning bolt. Please see those embroidery options here. You might see something from that list that will catch your eye!


Embroidery Reviews

Check out the reviews from our pack members. 

Already own gear with special embroidery? We’d love for you to share your honest review. Navigate to the “Review” tab above and let us know what you think.

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These reviews from the Snuffles & Tugs Pack will help you decide if custom embroidery is what you’re looking for.

(1 customer review)

Processing times

Small orders with made-to-order embroidery patterns typically take 3 weeks to complete. There are several additional steps that go into building your custom embroidery which take time and precision. However, processing times do vary by the time of year and number of orders that Brie is working on. Rush service is not always possible with a custom embroidery design.

After placing an order, please check your email and ensure Snuffles & Tugs emails aren’t going to your spam folder!  Brie will keep you updated on your your’s processing. She may also need to reach out with a question or two.

Questions about embroidery?

If you have any questions, Brie would be pleased to help. Contact us here and we will get back to you via email.

1 review for Design me a custom embroidery pattern

  1. Meghan Ponton (verified owner)

    Brie was able to make me a fabulous american flag add on to my collar and leash handle. It turned out great! This add on made my already amazing leash 10 times better and I have already had many positive comments about the embroidery. It is worth it!

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