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the Retriever – Chuck-It ball with handle

(2 customer reviews)

Chuck It Ball with Handle

This Chuck-It ball with a bungee handle tug toy is perfect for ball loving dogs. Ball color and handle color varies.

Select your Chuck-It ball preference from the dropdown, 8″ high-resistance bungee. Total length ~16.5″. Colors vary.

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Ball on a bungee handle

The Breathe Right (hollow) Chuck It! ball in size Medium - is the most popular version of the Retriever tug.

Chuck It balls are easy to clean and one of the most durable dog balls on the market. That makes them the perfect choice for training dogs who are highly motivated by balls. We added a handle to give you throwing accuracy on your dog’s drive line, and the relationship-building power of being able to tug on your dog’s favorite toy.

Welcome to control and comfort with the Retriever.

Why add a bungee handle to my dog’s favorite ball?

If you have a ball-crazy dog, you know the contortions, slips and trips a dog does while chasing a ball.

Due to the extra stress we put on our dog’s bodies in high impact sports like agility and flyball, many handlers avoid using simple ball toys in life and in sports training. 

With a bungee handle added to a ball, there are many benefits to you and your dog. 

  • Ball does not travel at exceptionally high velocity when throwing, nor does it bounce, or continue to travel on the ground after landing
  • Easy to see for both dog and handler, does not get lost in the grass
  • Provides a handle for tugging to increase engagement and connection between the dog and handler

The Retriever is designed to provide the ultimate reward for ball-loving dogs without the dangers of an unruly ball.


Chuck-It Tug Toy Reviews

The Retriever is welcomed in the 2021 Christmas Collection. We can’t wait to hear what you and your dog think!

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(2 customer reviews)

How it’s Made | Made in Canada

Brie hand-makes all of our toys in Nova Scotia. She uses highly specialized sewing machines and marine-grade products to construct durable dog toys. 

Guaranteed by Brie

We guarantee all of our toys against construction defects at the time of manufacturing. Wear and tear is normal and will happen over time. But remember, tug toys are not chew toys. Leaving your dog unattended with a toy will likely result in chewing damage. Never allow your dog to engage in destructive behaviours with any toys.

Questions about Chuck-It tug toys?

Brie and the Team would be pleased to assist you with anything you need. Contact us here for a speedy response.

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M Breathe Right, M Chuck It, S Breathe Right, S Chuck It, S Erratic

2 reviews for the Retriever – Chuck-It ball with handle

  1. Meg Reidy (verified owner)

    My dogs love it and I love it! This is not the first tug toy I have purchased from Brie. The quality is impressive. I have three dogs two of which are very powerful (Dogo Argentino and Pitt/Cattle Dog mix). This tug toy is able to stand up to both of them. Don’t ever think these toys are “pricey” they are worth every penny!

  2. Illyana Golden (verified owner)

    These have quickly become my favorite training toys. I almost always have one stuffed in my pocket to use as a reward. It makes a great tug toy as well as a good fetch toy. So far they are holding up great to my Terv who is a hard tugger.

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