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the Casualty- best dog toys

(7 customer reviews)


Don’t become your dog’s next casualty! The Casualty tug toy helps control powerful dogs whose enthusiasm for grabbing their tug toy can present a hazard to their handler.

Bite area ~9″. Two 4″ bungees with medium-resistance. Total length 30.”


Best Dog Toys

Dual handles give control

Toys for Big Dogs

Tugging with a large dog is an experience unto itself. This is especially the case if you are a relatively small human compared to the size of your dog.

One-handed tug toys are physically taxing, as your shoulders and arm become tired quickly from the powerful force your dog puts on your tug toy. You let go of the toy often, but your dog really loves to get into the tugging game and asks you for more.

Don’t become a casualty of your dog training. Let the Snuffles & Tugs Casualty tug toy do the work for you.

Best dog toys for large dogs

Dual-handled tug toys are most frequently seen in protection sports, where the dogs are large, powerful, and interact fiercely with their toy rewards. 

This is fortunate for those of us in the aerobic and more modern dog sports, because we all know at least one “bungee snapper” on our local flyball team!

Agility and flyball toys are traditionally one-handed tugs, which requires the dog to turn their head and neck while coming in to bite onto the tug toy. It also means the handler has to brace and torque their body in order to absorb the force of the dog as he or she connects with the toy. The problem with this is that the faster the dog, the greater the potential of fatigue or injury to the handler!

The Casualty solves all of these problems so that you can play hard with your big dog. Two handles mean you can present the bite area to your dog in alignment with his/her body. This eliminates the rotational forces that can cause fatigue and pain when using a one-handed toy. The bungees absorb shock, so you can even pick up both handles to use with just one hand whenever you need to.

You’ll appreciate the level of control this toy gives you in directing your dog’s interaction with the toy and protecting your shoulders. 

Enjoy interactive tug toys with your large dog.

the Maxi Bungee Tug, a popular one-handed tug for large dogs
the Midi Fun Ring, our ergonomic medium dog tug of choice

 Our commitment to sports dogs


As part of our ongoing commitment to making the best tug toys for our dog sports community, we happily collect and utilize feedback to make sure our products are on point. It’s just one part of our mission to help you achieve success through running fast and playing hard with your dogs.

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(7 customer reviews)

only the best dog toys

Brie hand-makes all of our toys in Nova Scotia. She uses highly specialized sewing machines and marine-grade products to construct durable dog toys. 

Quality Guaranteed – our most durable tug toys for dogs

We guarantee our tug toys for dogs against construction defects at the time of manufacturing. Wear and tear is normal and will happen over time. But remember, tug toys are not chew toys. Leaving your dog unattended with a toy will likely result in chewing damage.  Never leave your dog unattended with any toy.

Questions about toys for big dogs?

Brie and the Team would be pleased to assist you with anything you need. Contact us here for a speedy response.

Additional information

Weight 100 g
Dimensions N/A
Toy Color

All Blue, All Purple, Blue Sheepskin, Microfibre, Ocean Blues, Pink Sheepskin, Rabbit

7 reviews for the Casualty- best dog toys

  1. Lauren Serrano (verified owner)

    The best tug I’ve purchased from S&T so far- which is saying a lot as they’re all amazing!
    It’s absolutely perfect for aggressive tiggers, teaching targeting skills, and it’s soft and flexible enough to stuff in my hoodie pocket for training!

    • Brie

      Aww thank you Lauren! Love seeing your rally training with the casualty on instagram 🙂

  2. Jenna (verified owner)

    Having two handles is so much easier on my body! And the bungee is so strong and holds up so well. My boy loves it so much, and so do I!

    • Brie

      Awesome Jenna! Glad you find the symmetry of this tug toy ergonomic for you!

  3. Jennifer Taylor (verified owner)

    Fantastic tug all round!! Love the two handles – so much easier on my back and hands, and strong enough for even the most enthusiastic tuggers. 🙂

    • Brie

      Yah! Those doberman girls can hold their own against tug toys hey? 😉 So glad the double handle is giving you an advantage against your powerful girls Jennifer! 🙂

  4. Lee

    My dogs all enjoy this tug and I really like having two handles for the stronger tuggers. The way in which the girls grasp the toy has resulted in mouthfuls of sheep’s wool being pulled off the tug each time we use it, so, I now use it mostly with the boy who gets a strong grip on the bar itself.

    • Brie

      Awesome Lee! Glad everyone enjoys it. Definitely important to encourage a hard, secure bite across the bulk of the sheepskin casualty. Regripping and sharking can definitely pull wool off the hide 😉 A trusted dog or agility trainer can help with this!

  5. Anne Marie (verified owner)

    We love this tug to keep our hands safe from our snapping maligator it’s the perfect size for us practicing some agility drills and I love the durability and soft handles!

  6. jessy.brunet (verified owner)

    I absolutely love this tug. It holds up to my two leonbergers and labs. I’ve since purchased more. Great quality!

  7. Susan Ball (verified owner)

    My dogs and I love this toy!. I got the pink and it is even more beautiful in person! Love two handled tugs, large bit area so no worries about my hands accidentally getting bitten! Very durable–yet the toy is soft and flexible which my dogs prefer over a hard/stiff toy.

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