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  • dog-collar-with-phone-number
  • dog-collar-with-phone-number
  • dog-collar-with-name-and-phone-number
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Add a Phone Number | Dog Collar with Phone Number

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Personalize your collar by adding a phone number! Choose the size of your embroidery for your needs. Small is ideal for day to day wear. Dogs who cannot be caught when loose might benefit from a medium or larger size so the phone number can be read at a distance. The large font would be readable from across the road.



Dog collar with phone number

Buckled collar with name, phone number and a metal buckle

Dog Collar with Name and Phone Number

All of our personalized dog collars come with name embroidery included, up to a limit of 10 characters. If you need a phone number, this is the place to add that to your collar!

As we are passionate about custom collars, we have provided you with options to make your collar ideal just for you and your dog.

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Dog Collar with Phone Number

Choose the size of your embroidery

Different dogs have different needs. A small phone number is embroidered with a height of 0.25″, medium is 0.50″ and a large number is embroidered at 0.75″ high.

Small phone numbers are ideal for most dogs. If your dog escaped and would come when called by a stranger, this is the right size for you. If your dog takes a size small collar, please note that this is the only size phone number that will fit, unless you remove the dog’s name.

Medium phone numbers are highly visible from a distance when stitched in contrasting thread color to the collar webbing. This is ideal for most dogs who are hard to catch. 

Large phone numbers should only be used where absolutely necessary. They are highly visible and can be read easily from across the street. 

Embroidered Collar

Note that phone numbers are stitched down a significant length of the collar webbing. This means that we cannot guarantee when properly fitted to your dog, that the phone number will not be covered by the slider. Measuring your dog carefully, ordering the correct collar size, and having the phone number stitched as small as possible will reduce the chance of the slider covering your embroidery.

Small phone number
Medium phone number
Large phone number

Embroidered Collar Reviews

The Snuffles & Tugs pack members are raving about the custom options we offer on phone number embroidery. From skittish to bomb-proof, every dog needs the security of contact information when the unexpected happens.

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(1 customer review)

Custom embroidered dog collars – made when you order

Brie and her team hand-make your custom collar at the Snuffles & Tugs studio in Nova Scotia. We use high quality embroidery threads and materials to construct your dog gear. 

Guaranteed by Brie

We guarantee all of our custom collars against construction defects at the time of manufacturing. Wear and tear is normal and will happen over time. Do not leave your dog unattended while wearing their collar if they may be able to chew on it.

Questions about embroidery on your dog collar?

Brie and the Team would be pleased to assist you with anything you need. Contact us here for a speedy response.

Additional information

Embroidery Size

Large – 3/4", Medium – 1/2", Small – 1/4"

Embroidery Color

White, Brie's Choice, Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Turquoise, Black, Gray, Kelly Green, Lime, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Yellow

1 review for Add a Phone Number | Dog Collar with Phone Number

  1. Tiffany Mullen (verified owner)

    i absolutely love the new embroidery sizes available! It looks so much cleaner and balanced than the previous option. Should my dogs get lost my number is visible to the person that finds them, without taking away from the aesthetic of the collar itself.

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