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Welcome to our Mini Toys, our line-up of small dog agility toys. We selected our best dog toys for small dogs to please humans and little canines alike. Below you will find bungee tugs with faux fur, sheepskin, and tug n treat bait pouches. Some of our toys are also made from fleece in a mop style. We designed these interactive dog toys specifically for small sized puppies and small adult dogs. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’d be more than happy to build you a custom agility tug toy.

A mini dog is a small dog or a puppy roughly under 20 lbs (9 kg). Often, mini dogs have a neck size of 11″ or less. In our experience, a mini dog or puppy often benefits from eccentric wild behaving toys and thin bite bars for little mouths. Not to mention, long overall toy lengths are ideal to protect human hands from wandering teeth and backs from bending too far. Most importantly, the lightness of our mini tug toys assures that an inexperienced puppy or small dog doesn’t get whipped by their toy. Emotionally rough or painful experiences with toys can set back training plans and foundational skills, for instance. Therefore, it is important to use small dog toys or puppy toys when appropriate. Our dog toys for small dogs, will set you up for foundations success and fun.

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