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We understand that small dogs have specific needs in dog sports training. That’s why Snuffles & Tugs is revolutionizing the way you shop for your agility training equipment for small dogs. Here is where you’ll find personalized dog gear including an agility and barn hunt slip lead for small dogs, coursing leads, and collars. Ready to ship items include small dog toys and snuffle mats for toy breeds.

A mini dog is a small dog or a young puppy roughly under 20 lbs (9 kg). They probably have a neck measurement of 11″ or less. A mini dog or puppy needs light tug leashes that will not weigh heavily on their body. They also require lightweight tug toys that will not whip them or be too thick to comfortably bite down on.

All of your needs for small dog agility toys and gear can be met here. Included below is everything you need for breeding puppies with sports potential, teaching foundation behaviours to a new puppy, and bringing a small breed performance dog from foundation training to seasoned competition.

Snuffles & Tugs knows the path to running fast and playing hard is unique when handling small breeds in dog sports. We are here to provide you with agility toys, slip leashes for small dogs, and the dog training gear you need to achieve your dreams.

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