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Dog Toy Reviews Let us know how we did! https://youtu.be/gfNry_19jG4 Leaving a review is one of the best ways to support a small business, and Snuffles & Tugs is no exception! Your feedback helps us learn and grow. It also helps other members of the Snuffles & Tugs pack pick out the best stuff to suit their dog’s needs. As dog trainers, we know we won’t get it right every time. But, your continued support helps us be creative and get even better at what we do. How to Leave A Review Visit the product you purchased Click on “Reviews”

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The Toy for Come-to-Hands

By this point, it is undeniable – the Midi Fun Ring is a huge hit with dogs and humans.  Why is it so popular, you ask? I don’t think we, has a dog sports and training community have really fleshed out what a circular/ring-style tug toy can do for us yet, since I don’t see many of them out there! Here are all the reasons I think you need at least one in your training bag: It’s the ultimate come-to-hand toy. Perfect for everyday training scenarios where the toy is hidden, obedience work such as heeling and fronts, or desensitizing

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Building Equity, Restoring Social Justice

Given recent events in North America, I wanted to take a moment to clarify the Snuffles & Tugs sponsorship program.  Snuffles & Tugs recognizes the power and privilege structures that are firmly rooted within the dog sports ecosystem. We stand for equity. We stand for diversity. We crave change. Since 2018, the Snuffles & Tugs sponsorship program has offered support to individuals and organizations making change in dog sports by reducing barriers to participation, reaching youth and minorities, and re-allocating assets to underserved portions of the dog sports community. To date, Snuffles & Tugs has reached only a small number

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Slip Leash Design Updates

There’s one question I can’t shake these days. “How do I give folks the best possible value in their gear?” North America is re-opening, and now that we’ve detoxed from dog sports withdrawal, the opportunities for participation are starting to present themselves again. That brings me to what kept me up at night for a couple of months. How do I make sure every leash will go the extra mile? Competition leashes are, after all, only used in competition and that makes them a non-essential item. And yet, I understand how important it is to celebrate the accomplishments of being

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Happy Birthday River!

It’s been 3 years of trees, sheep, and other drugs.  When I found out baby River was available, I was eager to meet her. I knew my next pup would be a Border Collie. I also knew how fascinated I was with Silvia Trkman’s Bi, her naughty girl who threw her for a loop with all kinds of training challenges.  When I met baby River I knew she was a challenge, and also, that she had to be mine. Aloof, affectionate, and always looking for the shortcut to getting some cookies, I was mesmerized by her perspective on life. So

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The Play Hard Collection Retires

The PLAY HARD Collection is sold out, and now retired. But, I wanted to give it one last send-off! As a limited edition collection, there was only a few or less of each item available. As they sold out, the closet got emptier and emptier. I was sad to see them go, but happy they would be well used and loved in their new homes during the first phase of lockdown in North America. Would you like to see another limited edition collection of toys as you train and compete at home? Please leave a comment and let me know,

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