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We are so thrilled those who use our gear know they are getting quality, comfortable, and sentimental dog wear worthy of a champion.

Before I started Snuffles & Tugs, I was a graduate student spending my free time training my lab mix, Teyla, in agility.

Then one night, Teyla showed signs of lameness during a training session. Through a great deal of testing (and tears), I discovered a degraded ligament that required invasive surgery if she were to have a chance of returning to her favourite sport.

As I had a wealth of tailoring experience, having learned how to sew at the age of five, I decided that I wanted to support Teyla through her recovery by utilizing this skill and working at home in order to be with her.

I had a passion for dog sports and for sewing, but I was concerned that making collars and leashes for others would be difficult given that Teyla was undergoing painful rehabilitation and we were both unable to do what we loved.

After realizing how many local dog sport competitors were ordering their custom competition leads from outside the country with long wait times, I decided to go for it. Snuffles & Tugs was born!

I set out to create the highest quality AND fun tugs for even the most discerning dog sport competitors around the globe.

I spent countless hours researching suppliers and selecting the best, most dog-resistant materials. Developing innovative designs between study sessions became the norm. All while helping my best girl through a painful recovery.

I assembled my first few prototypes and my fellow competitors tested them out with dogs, giving me feedback and letting me know what they loved (and what they didn’t!). It was extremely important to me that my items be comfortable for both human and canine, stand the test of time, and, of course, look fantastic!

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been beyond what I imagined. I can’t describe how exciting it is to go to a local agility trial and see so many teams step up to the line with my slip leads. Or to log onto Instagram and see sport dogs as far away as Sweden and the UK outfitted in Snuffles & Tugs. We firmly believe that our customers are the best, and we’re proud to be a small part of so many incredible training journeys!

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