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How do I wash dog toys?


Are Snuffles & Tugs tug toys washable?

Yes! They are machine or hand washable. In addition to only using toys and gear for supervised training and trial situations, regular care and maintenance will extend the life of your toys.

How do I machine wash my toys?

Wash your toys in cold water inside a closed delicates bag. Ensure velcro pouches have been emptied, thoroughly rinsed, and the velcro has been tightly closed from end to end. Use gentle scent-free detergent.

How do I hand wash my tugs?

Fill a basin with warm (not hot) water and soak toys for 10 mins. Then use a rag to scrub dirt and debris. Rinse thoroughly under warm, then cold water. Use a scent-free and detergent-free delicates wash.

Can tug toys be machine dryed?

No. Hang dry your toys. Putting them in the dryer will pill the furs and fleece on your toys and reduce the longevity of the balls.

What about real fur toys?

The same washing instructions apply to real furs, faux furs and microfibre. You can gently brush out long haired sheep’s wool once the tug toy is clean and dry. 

I have a slip leash, or other piece of gear from your discontinued custom line. Are the instructions the same?

Yes, follow the instructions for toy washing. If your leash colors are dulled from dragging on the ground or use on dirt, spray your entire leash from end to end with a gentle stain remover, then machine wash.

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