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The Toy for Come-to-Hands

By this point, it is undeniable – the Midi Fun Ring is a huge hit with dogs and humans. 

Why is it so popular, you ask? I don’t think we, has a dog sports and training community have really fleshed out what a circular/ring-style tug toy can do for us yet, since I don’t see many of them out there! Here are all the reasons I think you need at least one in your training bag:

  • It’s the ultimate come-to-hand toy. Perfect for everyday training scenarios where the toy is hidden, obedience work such as heeling and fronts, or desensitizing pressure-sensitive dogs to close work in agility (example of what I’m working on with River below).
  • The dog’s neck remains neutral while tugging. Other bite bar toys encourage the dog to bend their neck left or right as they come in to grab the toy. The Fun Ring allows the dog to grab and tug against the bungee without needing to crank their neck from side to side.
  • Human wrists stay ergonomic while tugging. How many times have you ended up with a sore hand or arm from bending yourself into an uncomfortable position to brace against your dog’s strength? The Fun Ring allows for even distribution of force across the bungee, including where your hand grips it.
  • Design reduces teeth contact with hands. I don’t like wearing gloves while training because it reduces my ability to handle treats. Gloves helps reduce bloodshed, of course, but I don’t worry about that with the Fun Ring. When River comes in to grab the bite area, there’s no chance she could lose her grip and start creeping up the bungee because it’s not one-ended! The circular design means she lands on target every time, so neither of us panic.

How do you get the most out of your dog with a Fun Ring?

The Midi Fun Ring was initially introduced in the Monster Mash Collection (circa January 2020) and earned a place as a Signature Collection item in May 2020 upon retirement of the Monster Mash Collection.

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