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Building Equity, Restoring Social Justice

Given recent events in North America, I wanted to take a moment to clarify the Snuffles & Tugs sponsorship program. 

Snuffles & Tugs recognizes the power and privilege structures that are firmly rooted within the dog sports ecosystem.

We stand for equity. We stand for diversity. We crave change.

Since 2018, the Snuffles & Tugs sponsorship program has offered support to individuals and organizations making change in dog sports by reducing barriers to participation, reaching youth and minorities, and re-allocating assets to underserved portions of the dog sports community.

To date, Snuffles & Tugs has reached only a small number of applicants who meet the mandate of our sponsorship program. It’s time for that to change.

Please apply. Educate my team and I on what you’re doing to make dog sports a safer, kinder, more accessible place to be. I know you’re out there. If your organization is has just recently taken up the cause, I welcome you, too. 

Apply for a sponsorship here


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