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Slip Leash Design Updates

There’s one question I can’t shake these days. “How do I give folks the best possible value in their gear?”

North America is re-opening, and now that we’ve detoxed from dog sports withdrawal, the opportunities for participation are starting to present themselves again.

That brings me to what kept me up at night for a couple of months. How do I make sure every leash will go the extra mile? Competition leashes are, after all, only used in competition and that makes them a non-essential item.

And yet, I understand how important it is to celebrate the accomplishments of being at trials, and how meaningful it is to have something unique that represents your dog and you both as a team.

So, in the spirit of bringing you more Snuffles & Tugs quality and value, we pulled some long hours here and came up with these new construction design changes to all slip leashes and clip leashes that will help you level up as you return to your normal dog sports activities. 

  • Thicker fleece and fur braids that will be less permeable to chewing damage and general wear/tear.
  • Seam between slip sections and braid sections redesigned, so that all raw edges and corners are tucked in.
  • Safety points (leash snaps, and the start or end of bungees or braids) are stitched in ultra-heavy duty marine grade thread. These seams will not fail.

Red, orange and lime slip leash (top) shows the old seam style used from 2017 – May 2020. Right angles of fleece flare out around the seam perimeter.

Green bungee leash (bottom) shows new seam style used beginning in June 2020 – forward. All edges are tucked and seam line is relatively hidden.

Questions, concerns, comments? I’m all ears. You know how to reach me!


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