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Improve your ringside experience

How’s your ringside routine?

Do you even have a ringside routine?

If you’re like most of us, you took all the courses, taught all the obstacles and finished off your proofing. Then, you signed up for your first trial. 

Then a few weeks before you thought “oh yeah, I want one of those cool slip leashes!”

So, you throw me a quick email and we get your slip leash order placed. I’ll do my best to get you that sparkly new slip leash in your hands before you pack up the car and head get on the road.

BUT. . .

If you don’t have a slip leash in your hands right NOW, your ringside routine behaviours will not be ready in time for your trial in 2 or 3 weeks! 

Don’t just expect that your baby dog will be A-OK with this strange, tight (and lovely-looking) object going over their head.

Don’t risk it!

If you haven’t trained a consensual slipping behaviour, add a buckle.

It will eliminate confusion for your dog, reduce your stress, and buy you time to train a rock-solid start line routine.

Good luck at your first trial, and remember to run fast and play hard. 

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