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How do leash handles work?

Every so often, I get asked this question about the bestselling webbing and fleece braided slip leash: How does the handle connect to the rest of the leash?

It’s a great question!

As with any endeavour in sewing, the goal is always to make the finished product as pretty as possible while hiding as many stitches as possible. 

This is also the case here! Although the braid at the base of the handle appears as though it is simply tied in a knot, the knot is not the only feature holding the braid together. Any dog person knows- if it’s not triple reinforced, it’s not tough enough to be used on a dog!

After I’ve measured off the end of the braid, I use my heaviest duty sewing machine to put some serious stitches through the layers of fleece atop the webbing. This prevents the braid from unravelling. 

After the leash handle embroidery and fleece are put together, the handle is stitched down, and a knot is tied around the seam to finish off the look and hide the super-duty threads. 

The custom webbing and fleece braided slip leash is our most durable slip leash. Want to see more? Find more examples or build your own here.

Blitz got a custom webbing and fleece braided slip leash for Christmas. Since his leash colours were based on the Detroit Lions, he got a custom football pattern designed just for him to complete the look!

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