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River on the Midi Treat & Tug

River has a hell of a hair trigger on her nervous system. For much of her training career, we have worked on achieving flow and staying away from that pesky overarousal.

River in overarousal:

  • Look for sheep, not odour
  • Smash through the bars, right?
  • Bite all the shaping objects
  • Stare at a tree and pray mom says you can run to it!

River’s pink and black Midi Treat & Tug has been a totally unexpected new staple to her training bag!

She will drive to her tug and eat the treats I’ve laid on top of it. Bless.

Thinking about one? The pink and black fur makes it hard to see dark coloured treats laid on top of the pouch. If you intend to use the treat pouch in the same way, be sure to choose a brighter colour that will provide contrast against food!

Grab your Treat & Tug here.

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