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Get the right toy… The first time

The days of testing every single toy made by a company to find the perfect one for your dog (and then buying three of them) are over. Get the right toy the FIRST time with the Snuffles & Tugs mini, midi and maxi toy lines!

We matched the bungee to the dog, not the other way around!

My biggest pet peeve in buying training gear is getting a toy in the mail that doesn’t match the play style of my dogs. Although there is only a difference of 5 lbs in weight between my girls, the construction of the toys I need to comfortably play with them look vastly different!

I’m taking the question marks out of purchasing toys with three toy lines for every size and play style of dog. Here’s what you need to know before ordering:

Mini Toys: Long and light, the extra length in these toys will allow you to stand or kneel comfortably and avoid back aches while tugging! 3/4″ tubular webbing is lightweight, ensuring your little dog won’t get accidentally whipped in the middle of a race to reward. The small bungee gives and lengthens while tugging with a dog of just 10 lbs. We love little dogs and their handlers!

Midi Toys: Shorter and sturdier, 1″ tubular webbing is used to stitch handles that won’t chafe your hands! Constructed without extra bulk, you’ll still be able to hide these toys in your waist or run comfortably with them in your hand. Yet, they are still heavy enough to throw accurately on your dog’s drive line. Midi toys will match the needs of most agility dogs. 

Maxi Tugs: Using thick  robust 1″ tubular webbing and a whopping 1/2″ diameter bungee, these workhorses are meant to take abuse. Maxis are suitable for dogs 40 lbs and over, dogs that thrash and beat their shoulders with their toys, or who vault from the ground while tugging. If you’re pretty sure your dog is giving you arthritis, look no further to save your hands!

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