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Showing Up – Part I

How we choose to show up for our dogs determines a lot.

Loving your dog means that you will make mistakes. Frequently. You will know shame and heartbreak. Parenting them will bring you face to face with the worst parts of yourself.

The problem with this indelible truth of your relationship with your dogs is wrapped up in time. You have the advantage of a long life, while your dogs will get 15 years or less. You will always struggle with the lack of time you have with your dogs.

How will you protect them? Keep them from getting hit by a car, from getting attacked in the woods, or ending up dead? How will you cultivate a long sports career unmarred by the pains of injury and emotional trauma?

Here’s the thing- You can’t.

What you can do is choose courage. Show up. Love your dog with your whole heart, even though there are no guarantees.