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Slip Leash Sizing

Not sure what size collar to order on your slip leash? I’m answering your most-asked question about ordering a slip leash.

Step by Step Measuring:

  1. Grab a soft measuring tape and cookies
  2. With your dog’s consent, place measuring tape around the neck where a collar sits
  3. Repeat measurement 3 times for accuracy
  4. Take the median measurement if your measures were not all the same
  5. Order the collar size that is your dog’s exact neck measurement  
  6. If between sizes, size down
  7.  Reward your dog!

With a competition martingale, bigger is not better! It is quite important that your dog cannot back out of their collar at a trial where you are both under stress and in an unknown environment. Do not add extra inches for breathing room. The slip section at the base of the leash provides ample space to open up the collar for slip on and slip off, so there is no need to worry about the dog’s head size. Competition slip leashes are the only product where I insist on sizing down! 

Still have questions? Leave a question or comment below and I will be happy to help you ensure you choose the right size for your pup. 

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  1. The custom Agility collar and tug is exactly what I have been looking for. Colors are gorgeous & match the agility collar.

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