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Choosing an agility leash

We believe that agility is for all dogs, so we have a style of slip leash for every kind of dog and handler. 

How do you choose? We are here to help!

Read on to see how our two bestselling slip leashes can get you from the crate to the start line.

Two similarly coloured leashes in different styles, with different functionality. 

Fleece braided slip leash
Fleece & webbing braided slip leash

When comparing our braided leashes, there are some feature distinctions that might make one of these puppies the best choice for your dog.

The fleece braided slip leash is our #1 bestseller! It is very soft, making it comfortable for tugging and holding the leash when your dog is pulling. It is also stretchy, providing excellent shock absorption. The fleece-only braid is ideal for dogs who need some extra mouthfeel oomph to enjoy tugging on their leash! The four pieces of fleece braided together offers strength, but the amount of elasticity in the braid makes it a less popular choice for large/giant dogs, dogs who pull, or reactive dogs who struggle in trial environments.

The fleece and webbing slip leash is a close second in customer favourites! This leash provides the dog with the mouthfeel of the fleece and the security of the nylon webbing. This leash has a little bit of stretch with a finite end point in the elasticity of the braid, making it an ideal choice for people who want their dogs very close to them. Since the nylon handle is backed with fleece, it’s also quite comfortable on your hands no matter how dry they are from slogging dog stuff and agility equipment at your trial! This style of slip leash is also a great choice for dogs who may grate their teeth on a tug toy as it will provide security from minor chewing accidents. Who doesn’t love to add more personalization to the leash handle? Have us embroider your motto and it will be the last thing you see as you go into the ring!

The collar design is identical for both of these slip leashes. The martingale has a slip section  at the end of the collar made from nylon webbing with a cincher.  This means you can cinch the slip when you need to ensure your dog can’t escape from their collar, but also open the collar up wide to come off their head easily in the ring.

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