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Sponsorships: How we roll

Looking for sponsorship? We love giving back to the dog sports community! Snuffles & Tugs has a sponsorship program that we are proud of.

Snuffles & Tugs sponsorship isn’t for everyone. We take a strong stand on putting dogs first, always. Period. If your organization doesn’t match our values, we will happily refer you to another dog gear business that we respect and trust.

We have a kindness policy. We only work with compassionate people and organizations who show gratitude and empathy to dogs and humans. This also means that we exclusively sponsor positive reinforcement based organizations.

We get flooded with requests for sponsorships. Flooded. On all social media platforms, as well as by email. It’s such an honour that our products are known across the internet! Please use the sponsorship application form to help us stay organized. Informally submitted requests will not receive a response.

We sponsor non-profit organizations and businesses who are serving dogs and humans participating in sports. We do not provide sponsorship to individuals or animal rescue organizations. We respect this work, it’s just not our jam.

Located in North America and think we might be a good fit? Please submit your application here.