[ Our Philosophy ]

On Running Fast & Playing Hard

Run fast, play hard. Show up, be seen. Choose joy, celebrate failure.

How do you define success?

At Snuffles & Tugs, we believe that the main metric of success is joy shared between you and your dog. How fast do you run together? How hard do you play?

We believe that our dogs always come first, and their physical and mental well-being comes before our human needs, deadlines, insecurities, and dreams.

We believe each team should thrive in every training scenario- whether it’s a quick check-in during the workday or a pre-season conditioning program.

We believe that sports are for all dogs, regardless of breed, talent, personal weaknesses, or lineage.

We believe the enjoyment we feel and the beauty we create in our performances are not measured in ribbons or trophies.

We believe that every dog has the power to change their human, their sport, and the world.

So when we say it, we mean it.