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USA Free Shipping Threshold

Effective May 2, 2022, the free shipping threshold for orders bound for the USA will be $125. This is a small increase from the current $100 US free shipping threshold.  We greatly value the loyalty of our American customers and will continue to work with you to bring you premium quality handmade gear and accessories for your performance dogs.  Run fast and play hard!

How do I wash dog toys?

Are Snuffles & Tugs tug toys washable? Yes! They are machine or hand washable. In addition to only using toys and gear for supervised training and trial situations, regular care and maintenance will extend the life of your toys. How do I machine wash my toys? Wash your toys in cold water inside a closed delicates bag. Ensure velcro pouches have been emptied, thoroughly rinsed, and the velcro has been tightly closed from end to end. Use gentle scent-free detergent. How do I hand wash my tugs? Fill a basin with warm (not hot) water and soak toys for 10

Save on Shipping with Order Add-Ons

You asked for a way to save on shipping across multiple orders, so we made it happen! Effective immediately, our shipping policy is: Calculated Shipping: Enter your address to fetch shipping rates. Select from the options presented on the  checkout screen Shipment Schedule: Shipments will go out once per week. Orders are processed on Thursdays, and ship on Fridays. Tracking will typically become available on Fridays after 5 pm Eastern time.  Adding to an Order: Place multiple orders in the same week and we will identify and combine orders to the same name and address. Order add-ons can be made up

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We love to post previews of new tug toys, behind the scenes making custom leashes, and helpful hints. Most of all? Brie and the team are eager to follow your training and trialling accomplishments. Be sure to tag us on social media so we can celebrate your dog sports success with you! 

Custom-made agility slip leads are only the beginning. Snuffles & Tugs is a handmade shop that specializes in custom gear for dogs participating in agility and other dog sports. We design, test, and make agility toys for dogs. We also make leashes for many sports including agility, barn hunt, lure coursing, and chase ability testing. Each item is constructed and inspected for quality as if it was for our own dogs. Snuffles & Tugs is committed to the promotion of equity in dog sports. Proudly sponsoring groups that provide opportunity and reduce barriers to participation, we are grateful for your support that allows us to foster diversity in dog sports. With three years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers, you can trust Brie and the team to deliver quality products that will bring you joy with your dog. Run fast and play hard with us. 

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Submit a photo of your accomplishments. We love to share your brags on social media and feature your fantastic achievements on our website! 

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